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Whether you need to consult with a property insurance claim attorney, disability insurance claim lawyers, homeowners’ insurance claim lawyers, or a personal injury protection lawyer, you can count on our experienced legal team. For more than two decades, we have helped clients to collect more than $100 million in unpaid and underpaid claims. You can depend on our passion, drive and commitment to ensure the best outcome for your insurance claim. When you need sound legal advice about the viability of your claim, you can turn to our legal team. Consultations are free. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise honed over decades of fighting for the rights of our clients. If you have a claim that the insurance company has failed to properly pay or that has been wrongfully denied, we will provide you with the effective legal services you need.

Once you have had an accident it creates a stress for experience. The team at Florida Advocates - A Private Law Firm can help you through your injuries, to deal with the property damage and reduce the on going stress and concerns. We represent you with the insurance companies and assure that you are compensated in the legal manner appropriately.

It is clear that serious car accident will have a hugh impact on your life and everyone that was part of the accident. If you were injured in an accident in many cases you may not be able to provide for you family with a loss of work and a lack of being able to function as normal. The pressure that this creates on your finances is tremendous. Florida Advocates works on your behalf to recover your financial losses through legal means.

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